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The origins of So-An….

We started our adventure with Japanese cuisine in 2003.

When we started, the culture of eating sushi in Poland was just beginning to develop.

Our crew was trained in the first Japanese restaurant in Poland - Tsubame, which unfortunately no longer exists and was founded and run by Japanese chefs.

We have never stopped deepening our knowledge, looking for our own tastes...however, without losing our respect for tradition.

After all these years, we are still in love with SUSHI and traditional Japanese cuisine !!!

The origins of So-An….
Why So-An?

Why So-An?

The oldest meaning of this word in Japanese was a hermitage in the mountains. Everyone who went there for meditation was obliged to leave food and water for the next wanderer. It was therefore a place where you could always find peace, eat and drink.

Why So-An?

In modern Japan, So-An is an arbor in the garden, where tea ceremonies are held. Such ceremonies, as you know, are one of the oldest and most cultivated traditions in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Therefore, the hosts of the house accept only the most important and respected guests there.

Our So-An

The combination of the traditional and modern meaning of the word So-An is the idea that guided us while creating our restaurant.

We treat everyone, who visits us as the most important and most awaited guests in our home. There are no anonymous "customers" with us. We treat all our guests with respect and try to get to know them. Those, who have been visiting us faithfully for many years say, that they are members of the great "So-An’s" Family. A long time ago, when they got engaged to So-An, we screwed the engagement ring into their favorite sushi roll. Now their children, who were raised on our dishes, are almost adults. They come with their girlfriends and say that when they want sushi, they go only to So-An. It means that we have achieved our goal

Why the bar?

Why the bar?

New visitors often ask why most of So-An is a large oval bar rather than tables. The answer is simple: the bar is an integration. The bar is chats. The bar is a contact with Sushi Chef and the opportunity to watch the process of making sushi. The bar is an atmosphere of common feasting.

Regular guests have no doubts, that this is the best option. They can’t imagine that they could come to So-An, sit at a table, away from their favorite Sushi Chef and order standard items from the menu.


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